Sept, 2017


Blayke Storm & Skyler Hillis

On Your Engagement!

So check this out, Sky has been my girlfriend of almost 3 years now. She’s beautiful, green eyes, brown hair, about 5 ft 4 and has the most amazing and beautiful style. She’s my type of girl, likes to go trail riding, rides dirt bikes and four wheelers. So what do we do the day after her birthday with her family to celebrate her BIRTHDAY?! You guessed it, we hit the beautiful green trails and sandy beaches of Appalachia Bay on Keystone Lake.

How they got Engaged?

Blayke Storm & Skyler Hillis Story
She had NO IDEA my parents had been their since 8 AM setting up a beautiful proposal spot on the water. I was pumped! When we arrived we hopped in my side by side. We tore up some trails, she had no idea of this beautiful rocky spot next to the water and beaches that had a trail of white seashells from Florida lining the trail up to all the decoration, props, and photos set up strategically for the BIG SURPRISE.
Blayke Storm & Skyler Hillis Story
So as I always do, I drove ahead of the family and split off from them. She was confused, but not shocked. They drove to the top of green tree-laced hill to watch and record the beautiful thing that was about to happen. I led her to the sandy beach, and told her that it was strange that someone would make a trail of seashells on a lake side? She was interested as well and I encouraged her to go and “check it out”. We followed a rocky path and turned the corner to see an absolutely breathtaking view over the water and to the right was a huge handmade sign that read "will you marry me", with all kinds of wonderful decor surrounding it.
Google Review by Skyler Hillis

My experience with J. David was exceptional. Joel is an amazing owner, who took the time to help me find the perfect band along with an AMAZING diamond. The customer service is far beyond what you will experience at any other jewelry store and the customer follow up from Jimmy really makes you know that they truly care about your experience.

Skyler Hillis

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