Tip & Prong Repair

Preserve the safety and brilliance of your precious gemstones and diamonds by attending to the essential maintenance of their prongs. Prongs serve a vital role in securing gemstones without causing any harm, acting as a protective barrier against potential chipping around the edges. Although designed for durability, prongs undergo wear and tear over time. As part of our comprehensive jewelry repair services, we offer professional re-tipping, rebuilding, or replacement of prongs, ensuring the ongoing security and longevity of your treasured pieces. Rely on our experienced jewelers who, during your annual maintenance check, will advise you on the optimal timing for prong repairs, mitigating the risk of gemstone loss and preserving the elegance of your jewelry.

Don't let the passage of time compromise the security of your valuable gemstones. Entrust our skilled professionals to evaluate and address the condition of your prongs, delivering timely and expert repairs to maintain your jewelry in impeccable condition for many years ahead.

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Ring Tip & Prong Repair available at J. David Jewelry
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