Sep, 2017


Caleb Marshall & Hannah Sink

On Your Engagement!

Hannah and I started dating our freshman year of college and celebrated our two-year anniversary just three days before I proposed. I had asked for her parent's blessing a couple of months before and planned on proposing to her on our trip to Boston. We had planned the trip to Boston with her family back in August to go watch her brother play football. Boston is my favorite city and I thought that would be the perfect spot to get engaged. The hotel that her family and I were staying at was right on Massachusetts Bay and had a beautiful park nearby.

How they got Engaged?

Caleb Marshall & Hannah Sink Story
Caleb Marshall & Hannah Sink's Story
I told her the night before to be ready about 30 minutes before we were leaving for the day. I said, "Lets go get Dunkin'", because everybody knows, you have to get Dunkin' Donuts when you're in Boston. Anyway, she thought we were simply going for coffee, but I had other plans in mind. It was raining pretty hard that morning, so I went down to the front desk to get an umbrella. I came back to her room and we left! We walked out of the hotel and the spot that I had picked out the night before with the photographer was about 100 yards from the hotel door.

We went on a short walk to that spot and I set the umbrella down, grabbed her hands, and took her under this path lined with vines and arches. I told her how much I love her and popped the question! The spot was straight out of a movie and had a vined archway where I asked her to marry me with the city and the water as the backdrop. She said yes and we celebrated with most of her family back in the hotel room where her parents had set up various decorations.

Our favorite part of the Ring Cam was capturing the moment and being able to relive it together. The proposal and celebrations all happened so fast, so it is really fun to be able to watch her reaction and share the intimate moment with our family and friends. The video is something we will be able to watch years down the road.
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