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Diamond Buying Tips

One of the most significant purchases one can make is a diamond. The subsequent advice can make it simpler to make this significant acquisition.

Diamond Size & Weight

Some people desire to purchase the largest diamond imaginable. Is this usually the best option? We believe that it is always a matter of preference, however consider this:

Given its size, a larger diamond is more likely to have more inclusions, which are often significantly more noticeable than on a smaller diamond. But more crucially, a poorly proportioned diamond cut won't let the maximum amount of light to pass through the top of the stone. This shows that the diamond's cut and proportions, not its size, decide how truly brilliant the stone is.

Diamond Buying Tips by J. David Jewelry
Color of Diamond Tip by J. David Jewelry

Color of Diamond

Since diamonds can range in color from colorless to yellowish-brown, these hues can occasionally give your diamond more warmth or depth. Additionally, mounting a non-colorless diamond in yellow gold sometimes makes the stone appear colorless.

We are always pleased to provide our knowledge about diamonds. Please let us know how we can support your decision to buy a diamond in a confident manner.

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