Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz: November Birthstone information at J. David Jewelry

One of the very gorgeous gemstones is Yellow Topaz, the birthstone for November. The name "topaz" is derived from the Greek word "Topazos". Topazos means any stone that is of the color yellow.

Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine that is found in pegmatites near silica rock that are volcanic in origin. While yellow topaz is the most common type of topaz, but it is available in many different shades of yellow.

Yellow topaz is one of the great choices for jewelry and it ranks 8th in terms of hardness on the moh's scale. Jewelry with yellow topaz is the best choice for daily wear.

Though Yellow Topaz is found in many different regions of the world, there are vast sources in Europe, specifically Germany.

If you are looking for simple though fashionable jewelry within your pockets, yellow topaz jewelry is the best choice.

Ancient traditional birthstones:

Arabic topaz
Guardian Angel Bariel
Hebrew Topaz
Hindu Cats-eye
His Talismanic Stone amethyst
Polish Topaz
Roman Topaz


Citrine: November Birthstone Guide by J. David Jewelry

The name is derived from the color - the yellow of the lemon, although the most sought-after stones have a clear, radiant yellowish to brownish red. Like all crystal quartzes, the citrine has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and is thus, to a large extent, insensitive to scratches.

Citrine is known as the lucky "Merchants Stone". It is a symbol of hope and strength and this November jewelry makes the best gift for any occasion.

Citrine jewelry serves the best gifts for 13th and 17th anniversary. Citrine is a rare gemstone in its natural state and they are mainly found in Brazil.

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