July, 2017


Reid Schatzman & Meagan Frank

On Your Engagement!

The day we got engaged was a crazy day, just getting everything set up without her knowing. I spent a few days sneaking out to the dock that I was going to ask her on to clean, move furniture, and make sure everything looked good. That morning I went out one more time just to double check everything. I left the ring and a journal at the location of the proposal, so I would not have anything with me during dinner. When I took her to dinner that night, I tried so hard not to give anything away, and was so sure that she knew something was coming. We finished dinner and headed out to the lake where I would ask her.

How they got Engaged?

Reid Schatzman & Meagan Frank Story
Reid Schatzman & Meagan Frank Story
First, we took a boat ride, I wanted to take her to the exact spot I asked her out at two years earlier. We love the lake and it was fun for us to spend time out there, but I was really waiting for the sun to set. I remember just cruising around aimlessly as I waited for 8:30 to get here.
Reid Schatzman & Meagan Frank Story
As the sun was setting we sped back to the dock where our friends had set a basket on a picnic table, while we were on the boat, that had the ring and the ring cam with the journal I used to write down why I wanted to marry her.
Reid Schatzman & Meagan Frank Story
We pulled in and at first, she thought we were leaving so she began to walk up the boat ramp. I said, “hey come over here really quick I want to show you something.” So, I sat her down at the table and handed her the journal and told her to read it. As she did I fumbled with the ring box to try and secretly pull the box out to video her reading the journal. I almost dropped the box multiple times in my attempt to be sneaky but luckily, she never noticed. In the middle of her reading I was able to begin recording. She began to tear up in excitement as she continued to read the many reasons why I wanted to marry her.
Reid Schatzman & Meagan Frank Story
What I wrote down were the answers I gave her father just a months ago as I asked for her hand in marriage.

Once she finished reading I went around to her and got on one knee and asked her to marry me.

She said yes.

We took pictures and began to make our way back up to the house to drop the boat key off to the owners, that is where our friends and family were, they waited to surprise her and celebrate our engagement. She had no idea what I was doing that night and it came as a complete surprise to her which made it even sweeter.
Reid Schatzman & Meagan Frank Story
Google Review by Reid Schatzman

The J. David Camera Box captured the sweetest moment of the proposal. A picture could not capture what I was able to experience from my point of view, but the box did. It is something we will be able to have and relive multiple times for the rest of our lives.

Reid Schatzman

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