SKU: 170-01109
Lady's Rose 14 Karat Bead Cuff With Cluster Diamond Stations Bracelet Length 6.5 With 0.13Tw Round H/I Si2 Diamonds |

Introducing the enchanting Lady's Rose 14 Karat Bead Cuff Bracelet, a mesmerizing piece that transcends time. Crafted with delicate precision, this bracelet embodies elegance and grace, offering a timeless allure that captures hearts effortlessly. The breathtaking cluster diamond stations, glistening like celestial stars, adorn the cuff with a touch of celestial charm. With a bracelet length of 6.5, it gracefully embraces your wrist, accentuating its delicate beauty. A total of 0.13 carats of exquisite round-cut H/I Si2 diamonds dance along the cuff, casting shimmering reflections that echo your inner radiance. As you wear this captivating masterpiece, every movement will be accompanied by whispers of admiration and envy. Embrace the allure of the Lady's Rose, for it is more than just a bracelet—it is a symbol of elegance and everlasting love. Indulge yourself in this radiant treasure or gift it to a cherished soul, for its enchantment knows no bounds.
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