Introducing Stone and Wick's "Lavender Dreams," an 8oz, candle handcrafted in Oklahoma. Begin your sensory journey with calming lavender, renowned for its relaxing qualities. The experience is then elevated by the soothing notes of eucalyptus, adding a layer of freshness. Finally, the warm undertones of sandalwood bring depth and richness, creating a balanced and tranquil aroma that's perfect for winding down.

When it comes to quality, "Lavender Dreams" is uncompromising. Crafted from eco-friendly materials (no paraffins), this candle provides a clean burn and authentic, long-lasting fragrance. A unique feature that sets this candle apart is the genuine gemstone concealed within the wax, which is unveiled as the candle burns. Whether you're settling in for a peaceful night or looking for the ideal gift, "Lavender Dreams" offers not just a scent but an experience, complete with the exciting promise of a hidden gemstone.

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