Introducing Stone and Wick's "Open Range," an 8oz, candle crafted in Oklahoma. Immerse yourself in the invigorating top notes of mountain air, sheer eucalyptus, and fresh basil, evoking the freshness of wide-open spaces. The scent then transitions into robust mid notes of tobacco leaf, climbing ivy, and white lavender, capturing the essence of nature's complexity. The experience is anchored by a woody base of aged sequoia, red wood, and soft cashmere, creating a grounding and comforting finish.

Quality is paramount with "Open Range." Made from eco-friendly ingredients, this candle delivers an authentic and enduring fragrance. Adding to its uniqueness is a genuine gemstone hidden within the wax, waiting to be revealed as the candle burns down. Whether you're seeking to bring the great outdoors into your living space or looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, "Open Range" offers a rich sensory experience complemented by the allure of a hidden treasure.

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